1. What is Lifted Hearts' refund or return policy?

    Our official return policy, in compliance with PayPal, is as follows:

    "We will, at our option, replace or repair any defective product within eight weeks from the date of purchase."

  2. What about customers who try to abuse the refund policy?

    Refund fraud is rapidly becoming more of a problem on the Internet. Once a product is delivered electronically, or digitally, it is easy to request a refund and still be able to keep the product. Many people abuse this system and get online products for free by ordering them and then requesting a refund. Increasingly, as more and more customers request refunds on digitally delivered products, this problem had to be addressed to prevent the vendors from becoming victims of refund abuse. As of July, , customers requesting serial or repeated refunds will have their cards and email addresses permanently blocked by us, and other online merchant account acceptance systems, such as PayPal, etc., to prevent further abuse. Additionally, we will keep a list of refunding customer's email addresses and names for future reference and for other merchants to utilize as to determine if a potential customer is a high-risk, habitual refunder.

  3. With search engine cost rising into the thousands of dollars a week for us publishers to be listed in we must address this alarming return fraud expansion spreading over the Internet. We are working VERY closely with other PayPal merchants, carefully examining and comparing names and email addresses of habitual refunders and turning them in. When one request a refund we immediately send their name and email address out to our large network of merchants to check against their buyers and refunders list. To date we have put a STOP to many refunders, making them unable to purchase online, notified banks, and will continue to combat this 'just plain mean' and 'ignorant' act of refund fraud.
  4. What is the policy for refunds requested after eight weeks?

    Refund requests received within 8 weeks of purchase may be approved by our customer service team if the customer provides evidence that their case merits a refund. Refund requests for purchases over 8 weeks old will be declined.

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